Under Armour provides an inside look at the new HOVR Havoc

Hover (verb): to remain in the air


Havoc (noun): widespread destruction


The HOVR Havoc is the physical manifestation of its two-word namesake – a basketball shoe that helps you stay in the air, in order to devastate an opponent. Dennis Smith Jr. knows. So does Josh Jackson, Terrance Ferguson, the best high school ballers in the country and a host of others. Footwear that redefines the game; to lift you up, over and through anyone in your path to the hoop.


Under Armour sat down with its senior designer Leon Gu to get an inside look at how the HOVR Havoc can help anyone take their game to another level – a level above the rim.



Under Armour Sr. Designer Leon Gu takes us inside the new HOVR Havoc

Well received after the global launch of the HOVR Phantom and Sonic early in 2018, Under Armour’s footwear team designed HOVR foam and wrapped it in a compression energy web, maximizing energy return. To tune it to basketball, HOVR was concentrated in the heel with a rim and core construction to focus energy into the powerful push off point of the shoe.


Phenomenal outsole design is a prerequisite for any Under Armour basketball shoe, and the HOVR Havoc brings it in spades. Herringbone traction runs from heel to toe to ensure the grip never slides, no matter the situation.


Anatomically designed flex grooves line the outer edge of the forefoot. This gives the shoe maximum flexibility with a broken-in feel out of the box – a shoe that has built-in stress points in the exact places where you need give the most, when launching off the ball of your foot.


Inspired by running silhouettes like its cousin the HOVR Phantom, the HOVR Havoc has a super lightweight and breathable upper that can lockdown without feeling cumbersome, with a seamless, stretchable tongue and heel that eliminates distractions.


The UA HOVR Havoc Low ($105) and UA HOVR Havoc Mid ($115) release at retail, including UA Brand Houses, and on UA.com, August 31.