FC St Pauli US Tour Film

The House of Joy ("das Freudenhaus der Liga") Lands In America

F.C. St Pauli makes history as first Bundesliga Second Division team to visit U.S., with their brand of passion and inclusivity in tow

Every summer, the biggest football clubs in Europe kick off their seasons with grandiose pre-season tours. Visiting Asia, North America, Australia and more, clubs look to grow their global reach in the world's sport, connecting with fans who watch them weekly but rarely see them in person.  But as profiles grow, and tours become more glitz and glam, the community and togetherness of a club loses its luster in favor of dollars and exposure. The real value in these tours - connecting with a faraway fan base as an extension of the club's hometown - gets lost in the shuffle.  So when F.C. St. Pauli got ready for their summer tour of the U.S., with the help of Under Armour, both club and brand were determined to stay grounded and keep the community aspects of both organizations at the forefront.


Over two weeks, cameras followed the St. Pauli squad as it landed in the U.S. to visit Under Armour, see the team's newest kits, participate in community events, and play exhibitions across the country. But for a club rooted in inclusivity, in welcoming those that otherwise might be shunned, a beacon for the underserved and voiceless, this tour was so much more. It was an opportunity to connect with communities, host dialogues about real-life issues, with sport as a frame of reference instead of the focus.  It was an opportunity to give back, to meet and inspire youth.  And it was an opportunity to connect with fans, new and old, supporters and rivals, and show that football, at least for St. Pauli and Under Armour, is a sport grounded in community and bringing people together, instead of driving them apart.



Over two weeks, camera's followed the St. Pauli squad as they landed in the U.S. to visit Under Armour, see their newest kits, participate in community events, and play exhibitions across the country.

With Baltimore the first part of their journey, St. Pauli spent time not only at Under Armour HQ, but at the UA House in Baltimore. A club with a strong history of helping the underserved community, UA House was the perfect opportunity to connect with youth and expose the children to new and exciting cultures. Under Armour's commitment to providing a platform of growth for Baltimore youth enabled St. Pauli players to connect with kids on the pitch and off, going through drills and lessons on sportsmanship and camaraderie to inspire these kids to reach their potential.


During their two exhibition matches - against Detroit FC in Detroit, and the Timbers 2 the USL, the reserve squad of the MLS' Portland Timbers in Portland, OR, St. Pauli did not just show up to jump on the field, wave to new fans and depart just as quickly in a tinted luxury bus. Instead, in Detroit they hosted a community meetup, inviting local club supporters and fans of their opponents to spend a night together at a local distillery. Sharing drinks and conversations about Hamburg, Detroit, the world at large and the roles they play in it as professional athletes. Communicating with fans as people, as equal parts of a community - the ethos of the club's commitment to inclusivity come to life.


"It really impressed me seeing how much effort they put into their products and how concerned they are about keeping their ecological footprint as small as possible in addition to supporting social projects all around the world and especially in Baltimore. It's gives us a whole different level of motivation to play in their products."

Ewald Lienen, F.C. St. Pauli Technical Director

When a brand and sporting organization share values, it engenders a relationship that goes beyond sponsorship into ingrained partnership.  Both club and brand believe strongly in the power of sport to bring people together and change lives, to create an equal playing field and build camaraderie, communication and leadership. As seen in their visit to UA House, to Detroit, to Portland and more, St. Pauli are committed to their role as ambassadors and leaders, and with Under Armour's support, are aiming to bring passion, and love to the world through sport, one fan at a time.