London_Curry International Tour 2018

London_Curry International Tour 2018



International Tour Powered by Under Armour concludes with Paris and London

Saturday, September 15, 2018


Three-time NBA Champion Stephen Curry and England National Team player Trent Alexander-Arnold meet after the big game.


Stephen Curry signed off his European Tour by heading to Wembley Stadium to watch one of England’s most exciting football talents, Trent Alexander-Arnold play for Liverpool against Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League.


Under Armour athlete Trent, celebrated his 50th match for Liverpool with the three-point sharpshooter Stephen, in the stands watching on.


The long-range shooters met up after the match, to share their training styles and exchange footwear gifts, in a mark of respect for each other’s will to be the best athletes they can be.



Stephen Curry is hosted by UA footballer Trent Alexander-Arnold while wrapping up his London visit along the Curry International Tour

London_Curry International Tour 2018

London_Curry International Tour 2018

Watched on by a bustling Friday crowd and under the shadow of London landmarks Tower Bridge and the HMS Belfast, Stephen Curry provided a shooting exhibition on the banks of the River Thames as he further proved his ability to shoot threes, wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself.


Stephen was in the English capital as part of a global tour undertaken with Under Armour, designed to showcase his peerless basketball ability and will to pursue elite performance. The tour also served to showcase the release of the latest Under Armour Curry 5 colourways, the basketball shoe wired different, just like Stephen.


Having impressed the commuter crowd with his renowned brand of three-point precision, the second leg took Stephen to London’s ‘boroughs’, where UK street basketball lives and breathes. Travelling to East London, Stephen headed to Shacklewell Street courts to give a masterclass to the Lewisham-based community club, London Thunder.


Once on the court, Stephen provided a shooting masterclass before unveiling a final challenge via his second #3sFromAnywhere tags on the European Tour. Sprayed on the court floor, the tags marked the spots of his most memorable three point shot successes, including his 38-foot bucket against the Thunder and his 30-foot shot versus the Magic. The ballers of London Thunder were challenged to make the shot under the guidance of Stephen’s watchful eye. After a few close attempts, a London Thunder protégé landed the magic shot, sparking wild celebrations with Stephen embraced in the mix.


Throughout the tour, Stephen wore different colourways of his Under Armour Curry 5 footwear including grey and red pairs. Programmed for maximum unpredictability, the lightweight, precision-fitting Curry 5 was developed to help Stephen optimise his on-court performance. New colourways have been released to celebrate Stephen’s European tour and are available at


After the visit to the Shacklewell Street courts, Stephen headed straight to the gym to train in preparation for the new season. He took no days off during his international travels with Under Armour as he prepares for training camp with his team coming up in the next two weeks.



Stephen Curry’s ability to float threes from downtown took a hyper-literal turn today, as the two-time NBA MVP drained threes whilst sailing La Seine, Paris’ city-splitting river.


The first stop on Stephen Curry’s European travel with Under Armour saw the Golden State Warriors point guard link-up with giant judoka and fellow Under Armour athlete and Parisien, Teddy Riner, before embarking on a floating tour of the French capital.


The two elite athletes were brought together on La Seine, with Teddy welcoming Stephen on board a boat built for performance, rather than just simply sight-seeing. Featuring a rooftop court, the boat allowed Stephen to demonstrate his indomitable ability to shoot threes from anywhere, whilst also providing tutelage to his two-time Olympic champion host.


French basketball grew under the influence of American culture with pioneers such as Martin Feinberg and George Addy spreading the word. With Stephen Curry’s long-shooting style now being emulated on Parisian basketball courts around the city, Under Armour brought these two athletic greats together to cement the Franco-American sporting family for a new generation. This sense of sporting fraternity was perfectly captured with Stephen draining a three from the boat, with both the Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower in the background.


Stephen Curry takes on fellow Under Armour athlete and French judoka Teddy Riner while making a stop in Paris along his international tour

Stephen Curry takes on fellow Under Armour athlete and French judoka Teddy Riner while making a stop in Paris along his international tour

Having seen Paris’ iconic landmarks, Stephen Curry then added one of his own. Whilst hosting a shooting masterclass with the next generation of basketteurs from Levallois Sporting Club as well as Teddy Riner, Stephen unveiled #3sFromAnywhere tags. Positioned on the court floor of the famous St Paul’s playground, the tags marked the spots of some of Stephen’s most memorable three-point shots. In particular, his 38-foot bucket against the Thunder and his 30-foot shot versus the Magic – allowing French ‘ballers the chance to learn and replicate one of Stephen’s most memorable shots every time they enter the court.


"The French connection to basketball is an enduring symbol of the relationship between France and the US, and I'm thrilled to be here as a part of that. Paris is a booming market and there is a lot of excitement and passion for the game-the French representation in the NBA is a testament to the widespread talent here in France. The crowd was really into it, the kids had some unreal talent and there is a real flair to their game that makes it unique and incredibly inspiring to be a part of."

Stephen Curry on his current Paris visit

“I’m used to facing up against bigger guys, but Teddy is a brick house! It was great to get to meet such an inspirational athlete and share our experiences. Our sports are totally different, but there is a mutual respect and admiration for an athlete who has the will and drive to constantly pursue greatness, a strong message to share with the kids.”


Throughout Stephen’s international travel over the past week, he has worn pairs of his Under Armour Curry 5 basketball footwear. Programmed for maximum unpredictability, the lightweight, precision-fitting Curry 5 was developed to help Stephen optimise his on-court performance. Two colourways have been recently released including the Curry 5 grey colourway and red colourway, both of which are available at


The next stage of Stephen Curry’s international travel with Under Armour will see Stephen travel to London, where he will host a masterclass with basketball playing youths and continue his mission to share his will to win and talent across the globe.



Stephen Curry looks comfortable on the mound, throwing out the ceremonial first pitch for the Yomiuri Giants and wrapping up the Tokyo stop of his international tour.

NOTE TO GLOBAL PRESS: This UA Newsroom link will be updated regularly with content and stories from each city stop during Stephen’s international summer travels with Under Armour.


September 12, 2018


Stephen’s final stop in Asia, Tokyo, shares many of the same characteristics with Stephen’s game on the court: iconic, electrifying, innovative, and groundbreakingly different. To begin his first full day in this magical metropolis, Stephen trained bright and early at the Toyo-Eiwa Girls' School basketball court with a special audience - 40 students from the U-15 and B-League Jr. teams.


Following his training session, Stephen and his trainer, Brandon Payne, held a clinic for the students, sharing skills and tips on how through will and hard work, they could embrace a wired different mindset to achieve the impossible, just like Stephen. Special guest appearances included local superstars Ryuichi Kishimoto and Yutaro Suda from the Ryukyu Golden Kings.


While Stephen is usually the tourist attraction for those visiting the Bay Area, it was his time to play tourist and take in the sights of Tokyo. Starting with Shibuya, Stephen stepped out in the famous Shibuya Crossing to watch his Curry 5 creative takeover the screens before fans recognized and circled him to offer a special welcome to the area. He then greeted more than 600 students ages 8-12 years old at Ariake West Academy, where he presented autographed gifts and offered an inspirational message about the power of will to accomplish one’s dreams. Stephen also visited CH Harajuku, Tokyo Tower, the Ginza District and Kabuki-za – taking in the sights, the sounds, the hustle and the bustle, getting to know Tokyo and its people in a way few take the time to do.


To conclude the day, Stephen made his way over to Roppongi to introduce a new Curry 5 colorway exclusive to Tokyo, watch the finals of the SEA 3x3 tournament and present the winning team with a special prize, a pair of signed Curry 5s for each player. The crowd was buzzing from the game and the new Curry 5 colorway, so much that Stephen and his father, Dell, couldn’t stand on the sidelines any longer. With their competitive spirits, Stephen and Dell faced off in a 3-point contest with local players, and later took shots from the court to a barrel above the court – with Stephen nailing the shot and providing a memory of a lifetime for everyone in the arena. Both Stephen and Dell then made a surprise visit to an Under Armour Curry 5 pop up shop above the Roppongi Hills Arena, where Stephen signed a large scale Curry 5 black colorway amongst hundreds of fans.


Tokyo_Curry International Tour 2018

Tokyo_Curry International Tour 2018

To conclude Stephen’s tour of Tokyo, he was given the esteemed honor on Wednesday of throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at the Yomiuri Giants baseball game. His father, Dell Curry - who was selected by the Baltimore Orioles in the 1985 MLB draft but instead opted to continue playing basketball - was on hand to offer a little coaching and encouragement alongside Giants manager Yoshinobu Takahashi. Stephen looked like a natural on the mound, with Giants fans ecstatic to see the NBA superstar show off his skills.   


Sunday, September 9, 2018


After a hero’s welcome in Manila, it was time for Stephen to return to China, making his way to the Hubei province capital Wuhan, for the first time. Known as one of the great connector cities of the expansive People’s Republic of China, Wuhan is the perfect representation of Stephen. Always hustling, always moving, seemingly endless but with a goal in sight. The rich history of the city and its accelerated development as a major transit and economical hub led to an interesting and exciting moment on tour - man vs machine.


Stephen’s ability to get buckets from anywhere on the court might seem automatic to some, but how would it stack up against an actual robot? The minds at Under Armour wanted to test it out, so during a consumer event where Stephen was showing fans the yellow exclusive colorway of his Curry 5 footwear, the challenge was made. Compete in a 3 point shootout against an actual robot from Comau and see who actually is on top when it’s man pitted against machine. Stephen was the ultimate victor, making 22 shots to the robot's 16.


Stephen’s day wasn’t done, though. He soaked in the Wuhan culture through a number of meals and events, including the honor of flying his very own dragon kite and playing the traditional Chinese game ‘top.’


A trip to Parrot Bridge brought a sense of home away from home for Stephen, with this landmark in Wuhan resembling the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.


The day was rounded out with a gorgeous evening giving way to a very zen educational experience at the Yellow Crane Tower, spending the evening learning the intricate and beautiful art of Chinese calligraphy.


Friday, September 7, 2018


This past Thursday, the wheels went up in San Francisco, the Golden City, flying out and over San Francisco Bay and across the Pacific. Touching down over Manila Bay to the Pearl of the Orient - Manila - Stephen Curry and Under Armour are bringing the heat, with Stephen’s unique brand of basketball and engaging personality set to thrill the fans of the Philippines and more over the next week.


Stephen’s game-breaking approach to basketball has scored him legions of adoring fans who revel in every deep 3, every slippery drive to the rim, every sneaky steal. An athlete wired different than any basketball superstar before him, Stephen’s popularity has transcended borders, languages and cultures, and nowhere was that more evident than in Manila.


Stephen’s first day began with a more than two hour on court workout with his trainer Brandon Payne. From shooting to speed and agility drills, Stephen put in off season work as he continues to prepare for the new season.


Breakfast was shortly thereafter served, with Stephen tasting the popular Filipino delicacy, Halo-Halo, further proving he has a sweet tooth! The cold dessert includes shaved ice, and various fruits such as shredded coconut, mangoes, jackfruit mixed with gelatin and milk.


After touring a Jeepney, he traveled to Mall of Asia for the Under Armour Southeast Asia 3x3 Finals which saw he and his father, Dell Curry, on court for a shooting contest with other local fathers, sons and daughters. The competition was fierce but Dell and Stephen secured the win.




From a press conference with journalists from around Southeast Asia to a UA Brand House ribbon cutting to a skills competition shootout with his dad Dell, everywhere Stephen went in public, his Filipino fans followed in lockstep, fascinated by the presence of the two-time MVP and three-time World Champion.


The fans weren’t the only ones awestruck - Stephen himself was blown away by the incredible landscape and cultural significance of the dense and bustling Manila. Taking a quick tour of some city sights, Stephen then toured a Jeepney, the flamboyant WWII era truck that still can be found transporting residents throughout Manila.


Finishing the day with a relaxing Filipino scalp massage at the Titan Store and photo opportunity at the Under Armour Brand House, a whirlwind day was through, but much is still left for the 2018 Stephen Curry Asia Tour Powered by Under Armour.



Thursday, September 6, 2018


The game of basketball was wired the same for decades until Stephen Curry stepped foot onto the hardwood and shook up the status quo. Stephen has changed the landscape of basketball, giving youth of all sizes and abilities someone to look to so they can hoop in any way possible – to achieve the impossible, through will and work. Beginning September 7, Stephen will share his work ethic and will-to-win with international audiences across Asia and Europe.


The 2018 Stephen Curry Asia Tour Powered by Under Armour will see Stephen Curry live and on court amongst his most loyal international fans. In addition to exclusive Curry 5 colorways, fans can see Stephen and his father Dell Curry, on court during the UA 3x3 basketball tournaments hosted in Manila, Philippines, Wuhan, China and Tokyo, Japan from September 7-12.


This year, Stephen is extending his international travels with Under Armour to visit Paris on September 13 and London, September 14-15. In both cities, Stephen and Under Armour will host local youth players for a masterclass on 3-point shooting skills. It will be the first time Under Armour and Stephen visit Europe together.


To kick off the 2018 Stephen Curry Asia Tour Powered by Under Armour, a new tan colorway of the Curry 5 will release globally on Friday, September 7, at UA Brand Houses and on Fans in Manila, Wuhan, and Tokyo have access to limited pairs of a yellow Curry 5 colorway which Stephen wore exclusively during the 2018 NBA Playoffs. Tokyo will also release a black colorway ahead of its November global launch.


The Curry 5 tan colorway will be available in limited pairs around the globe on Sept. 7

The Curry 5 tan colorway will be available in limited pairs around the globe on Sept. 7

This yellow exclusive colorway of the Curry 5 is available only for fans in Manila, Wuhan and Tokyo.

This yellow exclusive colorway of the Curry 5 is available only for fans in Manila, Wuhan and Tokyo.

Fans in Tokyo can access this black colorway of the Curry 5 before it releases globally in November.

Fans in Tokyo can access this black colorway of the Curry 5 before it releases globally in November.

To date, fans in the Philippines, China and Japan have participated in regional contests to see Stephen live on court in the following cities and arenas:


  • Manila, Philippines:  The UA3X3 Southeast Asia tournament will take place at the Mall of Asia Arena on September 7. 
  • Wuhan, China: Stephen will be live at Wugang Stadium for the UA3x3 tournament Finals on September 9. 
  • Tokyo, Japan: The UA3x3 event will take place at Roppongi Hills Arena with Stephen on September 12. 

Press can also follow @UABasketball and @StephenCurry30 on Instagram for additional content during the international stops.