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A training collection that works as hard as the hardest working man in the room

Averaging three blockbuster movies a year, starring in his own hit TV show, inspiring millions of athletes every day, and never missing a workout, Dwayne Johnson defines the word “hustle.”


Once Dwayne enters the gym the grind doesn’t stop. For a guy with his level of determination, he needs apparel and a training shoe that can keep up and help him perform his best. Enter the “All Day Hustle” apparel collection and Project Rock 1 colorway pack available globally September 20.


Under Armour and Dwayne worked hand-in-hand to build this shoe made entirely for Dwayne — a shoe so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing it, and so durable it can weather every single aspect of his remarkable training regimen.


Alongside a versatile set of apparel that can tackle any type of workout, the Project Rock 1 lives up to Dwayne’s expectations and meets the needs of even the most elite athletes.


The newest Project Rock 1 colorway drop is a dual pack representing the “All Day Hustle” collection. The black colorway represents night hustle and the white represents day hustle, a nod to Dwayne’s never-ending get-after it attitude that inspires millions every day.


The Project Rock 1 is a versatile shoe, designed to handle a quick 30 minute cardio session, a full hour of high-intensity interval-training, a hardcore 90+ minute strength training session, and everything in between.


Under Armour caught up with Lauren Jones, Senior Product Line Manager Training Footwear, to walk through the features of the Project Rock 1 informed by Dwayne, and designed for anyone who is willing to hustle.


“Dwayne was involved in the creation of this shoe from start to finish — wear testing each and every model until we created one that worked perfectly for his training needs."


"He wholeheartedly wanted the Project Rock 1 to be the most innovative, durable and supportive training shoe on the market so that his fans would never have to think twice when it comes to choosing a training shoe that can keep up in the gym."

Lauren Jones, Sr. Product Line Manager, Under Armour

The Knit Upper: A shoe assembled to keep the hardest worker in the room comfortable needs to be able to breathe. The knit upper of the Project Rock 1 has a sock-like feel designed so that Dwayne’s foot will move with him when he’s training. This intricately designed webbing gives these shoes the ideal degree of flexibility for moves like lunges, box jumps and push-ups.


The Micro™ G Cushioning: Though it might not be the first thing that comes to mind, Dwayne is serious about keeping up with his cardio in the gym. The Project Rock 1 is designed with Under Armour’s Micro G cushioning technology, which allows for quick, explosive mobility and provides comfort in cardio workouts.


The TPU Heel Puck: For a man that regularly pushes 300 lb. squats, Dwayne needs a shoe that can provide extra stability when lifting. This inspired the Project Rock 1’s TPU heel puck, a harder material in the heel designed for power transfer & energy return during heavy lifting and the upmost stability.


Knobbed Outsole: The Project Rock 1 knobbed outsole is designed for increased grip and durability through multi-directional, explosive movements and less stress on knees and ankles.


Wide Toe Box: Dwayne asked for a wider toe box than in typical training shoes, designed for enhanced toe-gripping, and offering increased stability for weight-lifting.


Durable Stitching: The Project Rock 1 was thoroughly wear-tested and put through hell by Dwayne. The zig zag stitch line that runs from the heel tab all the way down to the knobbed outsole creates a knit construction with overlays for increased abrasion resistance, providing the durability to withstand training in the most intense conditions imaginable.


Alongside the new Project Rock 1 colorway drop is the “All Day Hustle” apparel collection that represents Dwayne’s relentless intent to put in work.


A wide swath of men’s and women’s gear works together to enable any athlete to push themselves past their limit, break it all down and rebuild themselves better and stronger.


Utilizing Under Armour’s patented HeatGear® technology, tees, sweats, shorts, sports bras and more wick sweat away so you can keep coming back for more.


The Project Rock 1 “All Day Hustle” colorway pack and “All Day Hustle” apparel collection drops September 20 with select retailers, at UA brand houses nationwide, and on