RIDGE REAPER 6: Remi Warren Alaska Caribou

RIDGE REAPER 6: Remi Warren Alaska Caribou



Remi Warren and his father head to the remote terrain of Alaska in pursuit of a mature caribou bull in the latest Ridge Reaper film

Dirt in the fingernails. Calluses crusted with red. Remi Warren is no stranger to the mental and physical wear and tear of backcountry pursuits. This hunt deep into remote Alaska, though, separates itself in his memory. Not due to a single moment, but because of a single person, his dad.



"The whole reason that I'm on a mountain today, right now, in the middle of Alaska with a caribou bull down, is because of him, and the lessons he taught me out here.”

Remi Warren, UA Hunt athlete

In immense open country, Remi and his father battle a war of attrition against unpredictable weather. Patience and persistence reign supreme through hours of glassing densely fogged ridges and valleys. Finally, on his hands and knees with no cover, Remi aims to close the gap on a monster lone bull.




For father and son, purpose lies beyond organic meat and a story. The load they carry home is defined by a deep respect for wildlife and a mission to preserve it.

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