The Association meets the Ivy League when Stephen Curry interviews a wunderkind from Baltimore who was accepted into all eight Ivy League universities

“Wired Different,” the new content series from three-time NBA Champion Stephen Curry and Under Armour Basketball, explores those who are rewriting the future in their respective fields. In the third episode, Stephen's special guest is Mekhi Johnson, a prodigy who has accomplished an extremely rare academic feat.


What drove Mekhi to crack the code of the challenging and competitive college application process? “When I was six, I heard a radio story about someone who got into all eight Ivy League schools, and I said I’m going to do that,” Mekhi tells Stephen. “And even though I didn’t really kind of grasp the magnitude of what it took do that, I made a decision then and eventually acted on that.”


Mekhi also shares the inspiration for what his custom Curry 5 would look like and, to no surprise, this academic all-star looks to the stars in the night sky for his dream colorway.


Watch episode 3 of “Wired Different” on Stephen’s YouTube channel. Visit UAICON.com to design your own Curry 5 on the UA ICON platform and show the world how you are #WiredDifferent.