New Curry 5 ICON Camo Collection Honors American Veterans

Team Rubicon pairs veterans with first responders, medical professionals and technology solutions and deploys them to the places that need them the most. The Greater Carolinas, hit with waves of hurricanes over the last few years, is one of the most recently devasted areas of the United States. Stephen’s donation will go directly to his home state of North Carolina, supporting Team Rubicon's on-going efforts to restore, revitalize and inspire Carolinian communities.  


On Veterans Day 2017, Stephen Curry published a personal essay with The Players' Tribune, titled “The Noise.”


Stephen wrote that responsible discourse has been drowned out by noise, especially when it comes to veterans, and that issues affecting veterans are tangible – issues like homelessness, inequality, mental health and unemployment, especially when trying to return to civilian life.


Paying respect to veterans goes without question, but supporting them with deeds and actions goes so much further.

For Veterans Day 2018, Stephen is doing just that, partnering with Under Armour through the UA Freedom initiative to make a direct donation to Team Rubicon. To mark the occasion and to continue raising awareness for veteran issues, Stephen will debut four different camouflage prints of the Curry 5 created on the Under Armour ICON platform.


Printed on the outsole of the shoes is a poignant line from his essay, “louder than silence, quieter than noise.”


Team Rubicon is an international, disaster response organization comprised primarily of veterans representing all branches of the military.

The Curry 5 ICON Veterans Day Camo pack aims to raise awareness for veterans issues. The camo prints – white, tan, green and navy – are available now on UA.com via the UA ICON platform.