The Fighting Irish Gear Up in Green This Weekend for Senior Day

The jersey for the November 10 game against Florida State retains Notre Dame’s classic home uniform design, but redone in the beloved green hue. The iconic Notre Dame logo is featured prominently on both sleeves in gold and blue. The jersey features a two-color custom number font called Leahy, named after famed former Notre Dame coach Frank Leahy, with gold trim around the numbers to match the pant and helmet.


As they get closer to the College Football Playoff with each win, it’s time for Notre Dame to make the competition green with envy.


Green jerseys. What started as a way to distinguish his players from the opponent, ultimately became one of Knute Rockne’s many lasting traditions at Notre Dame. The story of the green jersey is as legendary as the team itself, and is especially timely as Notre Dame eyes the opportunity to compete in the College Football Playoff.


In the 1977 matchup against USC, known as the "Trojan Horse" or "Green Jersey" game, Notre Dame warmed up in their traditional home jerseys before heading back into the locker room to find green jerseys ready to take the field for the first time in 144 games. Notre Dame won 49-19 and went on to secure the national championship.


Notre Dame students started this season with a fan “green out”, which got student-athletes thinking about a green jersey comeback. The football seniors made a special request to Coach Kelly, and now Notre Dame – ranked third in the country – is donning green again with high hopes to reach the pinnacle of the college football universe.


“The seniors rallied for this moment, and it’s exciting for us to see the green jersey hit the field for such an important game, one that could really propel this team to greatness.”

Nick Billiris, Senior Design Director of Team Sports at Under Armour