UA HOVR Infinite 1

UA HOVR Infinite 1


UA HOVR Infinite

The Ultimate Performance Running Shoe

The UA HOVR™ Infinite is the foundation and anchor of the UA HOVR run footwear suite. As a neutral cushion, plush balanced trainer, the shoe is called the UA HOVR Infinite because it was created for distance training, and to provide the runner with a consistent underfoot feel through an infinite number of miles. Under Armour set out to design and build an ultra-performance shoe that would meet the demands and needs of goal oriented runners. Every detail was considered to provide more comfort and more support.


What came out of this mission is the UA HOVR Infinite: A trainer with super soft, full-length HOVR foam encased in a dynamic energy web for comfortable landings and springy takeoffs; a firm, foam frame matched with deep flex grooves in the outsole for a stable and smooth ride; and a lightweight, breathable upper designed specifically to meet each gender’s anatomical needs, providing stretch and structure where needed most.



UA HOVR Infinite Development Video

The runner no longer has to choose between soft or efficient, as the UA HOVR Infinite’s “cage and core” system was engineered to provide the ultimate solution in cushion, energy return, and smooth transition. In the UA HOVR Infinite, the HOVR core extends from heel to forefoot, exposed at the topside of the midsole, to fully cradle and cushion the foot and provide a livelier underfoot feel, mile after mile. Additionally, the UA HOVR foam is surrounded not only by the energy web, but also a rim that helps contain and smooth out the transition in ride.


The outer cage serves as a vessel to keep the runner’s foot moving efficiently through heel strike and is cut with relief “windows” to lighten and give an additional mechanical cushioning element. The continuous ground contact bottom smooths out the ride, to help the runner stay efficient when logging the miles. 


Despite the fact that traction and how the shoe interacts with the surface can make or break the run, the outsole is often overlooked in shoe development.  Any lost footing or micro-movements can impair efficiency and can consciously or subconsciously alter the runner’s stride. The UA HOVR Infinite takes into consideration the critical nature of the outsole and created a solution that gives athletes the confidence to strike with power and control. 


The outsole forefoot is built with a pure blend of blown rubber and a textured traction pattern, providing enhanced grip and an added layer of cushion. Additionally, deep flex-grooves extend from the medial to lateral outsole, following the natural flex angles of the foot. The rubber in the heel is also made with a high-abrasion compound to extend the life of the shoe and resist excessive wear in the crash-pad.


The phrase “no distractions” was the inspiration and ultimate goal in creating the UA HOVR Infinite upper. The upper is a simple two piece construction - the forefoot is a lightweight and breathable engineered mesh and the heel is a tighter, more structural pattern. The soft-engineered pattern in the forefoot is simply created for breathability and providing lightweight structure. The tighter mesh and internal 3D molded heel counter in the rear of the shoe, gives a more structural and locked in feel.


When developing the UA HOVR Infinite, the Under Armour team went the extra mile (no pun intended) to create a gender-specific shoe. Extensive research was conducted by Under Armour’s biomechanics team to identify the gender-specific needs in a female’s foot compared to the male’s foot. This research led the team to the insight that women’s heels are shorter, the arches are more sensitive, and the forefoot area has less volume. This resulted in a gender-specific construction of the UA HOVR Infinite sockliner that raises her ankle up by 2mm, for a better fit in the collar. The men's sockliner is single layer, 6mm. Both sockliners use high-end open-cell foams and are molded to cradle the foot, serving as another moderating layer from impact forces 


The UA HOVR Infinite has an embedded sensor in the midsole of the right-footed shoe that digitally connects seamlessly to the MapMyRun™ app via Bluetooth™ Low Energy (BLE). The digitally connected shoes can track, analyze, and store detailed running metrics to inform ways to improve performance. New in 2019 is the Gait Coaching feature, which can tell the runner fine-grain details about their stride and provide a holistic view with historical data to predict pace and plan for future runs. In addition to the virtual coaching, runners become a part of the world’s largest digital health and fitness community of 245+ million people – all united by a mission to become better.


  • The UA HOVR Infinite is a neutral cushion shoe for long-distance training. This shoe is called the UA HOVR Infinite because it was created to take the runner through an infinite number of miles.
  • Every detail in the UA HOVR Infinite was considered to provide more comfort and more support, including a full length HOVR midsole that extends from heel to forefoot, an outsole built to provide enhanced grip and an added layer of cushion, and an upper that provides the perfect locked in fit without extra weight.
  • The UA HOVR Infinite is digitally connected – a pod embedded in the midsole of the right shoe connects via bluetooth to MapMyRun, allowing runners to track their run data without a device, receive virtual personalized coaching on the runner’s gait, stride length, pace and more. All these metrics help to guide the runner to make their runs more efficient and connect them to a community of 245+ million people around the world.
  • 29 MM heel / 21 MM forefoot (8 MM offset)
  • Men's Weight (Size 9): 10.75 oz (305 grams)
  • Women’s Weight (Size 7): 8.75 oz (248 grams)
  • MSRP: $120 USD
  • Availability: Globally, February 1, 2019