Six Years Later, the UA Anatomix Spawn is Back to Break the Mold

2013 was a different world. Under Armour was just getting started in basketball, teaming up with a young Stephen Curry, who was trying to lift his franchise from the depths of the league. The breakout year saw Stephen making his first All-Star Game appearance, equipped with one of the most unique basketball shoes on the market. The Under Armour Anatomix Spawn stood out with aggressive designs and serious functionality, becoming a dark horse contender for shoe of the year.


Now, it's 2019 and the Anatomix Spawn is returning, led by Joel Embiid. The new Anatomix Spawn is built for an all-around athlete like Joel - a superstar as comfortable in the post as he is behind the three point line.


The updated Anatomix Spawn takes many cues from its predecessor. The upper design is directly inspired by the loud, psychedelic visual of the original Spawn. The flowing red and blue pattern on the upper are inspired by the numerous muscles, tendons and ligaments that make up the foot, calling back to the original ideation of the Anatomix Spawn; a shoe built around the anatomy of the foot.


This Spawn also features an improved version of Micro G cushioning. A multi-level 3D adaptive traction pattern provides unrivaled floor grip in any conditions via co-efficient friction, providing more strength than the original Spawn. The breathable vamp material offsets the TX/TPU layering on the upper, ensuring breathability without sacrificing stability and support. An internal counter pocket in the heel provides complete lock down for the heel, ensuring a snug fit. The Under Armour team added flexibility in the forefoot without losing stability, by adding lacing all the way up to the forefoot with a rubber wrap, ensuring maximum flex without the fear of rolling off the ball of the foot.


The new Under Armour Anatomix Spawn debuts on January 26 at UA Brand Houses, UA.com and select retail partners worldwide for $110 USD.