UA Partners with JBL and Samsung to Create Digital Runner Ecosystem

UA Partners with JBL and Samsung to Create Digital Runner Ecosystem



Thanks to Partnerships with Sound Expert JBL and Tech Leader Samsung, UA Creates a Seamless Digital Ecosystem for the Runner

"We know that music is an integral part of training for runners and can provide the inspiration and focus they need to take their workouts to the next level. That's why we've developed products that are easy to use together and also provide a premium run experience that naturally integrate sound and data," said Jim Mollica, SVP Global Consumer Engagement and Digital at Under Armour.


The ecosystem was designed to take every day running essentials - shoes, watch, music - and connect them seamlessly. While running, the UA MapMyRun app can be used to provide real-time coaching and feedback for runners. The addition of UA HOVR Connected footwear gives runners an in-depth analysis of their running form and advanced running metrics to monitor their performance.  Now, with support for direct pairing of UA HOVR Connected to MapMyRun app on the Samsung Galaxy Watch, runners are free to leave their phone behind. Finally, the UA True Wireless Flash headphones seamlessly connect to your phone for music powered by JBL Charged Sound, with the option to relay audio coaching feedback directly in the ear. 


In 2019, Under Armour is committed to helping runners reach their goals by developing cutting-edge products to enhance the running experience. UA has partnered with JBL, an expert in the field of sound and music, to develop new wireless headphones designed for the runner’s unique needs. UA has also updated the MapMyRun App for Samsung’s premium smartwatch, offering runners real-time data to improve their performance.


The system is composed of four separate components, each offering their own unique function – the current and next generation of UA HOVR Connected running shoes, the UA MapMyRun app, the Samsung Galaxy Watch, and UA True Wireless FLASH headphones, engineered by JBL – items runners already reach for on a daily basis. With Under Armour, these products not only easily connect, but seamlessly work together to provide runners with the data and feedback they need to enhance their performance.  


"Under Armour is excited to continue elevating our partnerships with world-class technology and experience experts Samsung and JBL, with the introduction of a new seamless ecosystem designed for the runner, by the runner."

Jim Mollica, SVP Global Consumer Engagement and Digital at Under Armour.



A key component of the runner’s ecosystem is the UA HOVR suite of run footwear, designed for different types of runners with different needs, which all are wirelessly connected to give users access to a wealth of data in the MapMyRun app.


“The new MapMyRun technology in all connected HOVR shoes is shown to actually help runners get better," said Ben McAllister, Director of Connected Fitness at Under Armour. "Using data like pace, cadence, stride length and more, the MapMyRun app now offers a personalized coaching experience for each runner, meaning users are motivated to log more workouts and get faster.”




The UA True Wireless Flash is designed specifically for running. Featuring Storm Proof waterproof protection, JBL Charged Sound, Comfortable and Secure Flex Fit Sport ear tips, and Bionic Hearing with Ambient Aware for outdoor safety and awareness, this lightweight fully cord-free headphone eliminates distractions so you can focus on your run. In addition to music, the headphones can also be used to relay audio coaching feedback from MapMyRun directly to the runner. A 12-month MapMyRun Premium subscription is included with the purchase of UA True Wireless Flash headphones.  


“Athletes looking for a durable wireless headphone that can stand up to the toughest workout and still sound amazing will love the new UA True Wireless FLASH,” said Michael Mauser, President, Lifestyle Audio at HARMAN. “The UA True Wireless FLASH will inspire listeners to reach their peak performance without the hassle of wires and cords.”




The UA MapMyRun app on the Galaxy Watch, Samsung’s flagship smartwatch, now directly connects with the UA HOVR Sonic and UA HOVR Phantom. Beginning in February, the Samsung Galaxy Watch will also connect with all new UA HOVR footwear to provide real-time running feedback and post-run form analysis and coaching. After an initial set-up to your phone, UA HOVR Connected shoes automatically pair to the UA MapMyRun app on the Galaxy Watch, with no set-up required. Now, runners can run free from their phone, but still receive real-time feedback on cadence, stride length, distance, pace and more. 


“It’s a great time to grow our partnership with Under Armour, a leading performance company, especially as consumers continue to rely on technology to take their health and fitness to the next level. At Samsung, we take pride in enabling consumers to live connected, healthy and balanced lives within their respective interests, which is why we believe MapMyRun on the Samsung Galaxy Watch connected to UA HOVR footwear is exactly what runners need in order to perfect their stride.”

Elina Vives, Head of Marketing, Mobile Computing and Enhancements at Samsung Electronics America.

The new UA HOVR running footwear will be available February 1 with the new MapMyRun experience that can be downloaded on the app store. The UA True Wireless Flash headphones are now available on and for $169 USD and include a complimentary 12-month MapMyRun® Premium membership.