United We Win is Under Armour's year-round initiative celebrating culture, heritage and diversity of athletes around the world. In honor of Women's History Month, and rooted in our belief that sports have the power to inspire, change and unite the world, we are proud to share stories from the women of Under Armour. 

Rachel Daly was born into a family of British athletes. Although she doesn’t feel like she had a choice in the matter, she’s among the lucky few whose personal dream of playing soccer was perfectly aligned with her familial trajectory. Rachel was made for this.


Her father and brothers were all impressive players. Quite naturally, soccer stardom became young Rachel’s obsession. If you’ve ever watched her play, you know her intensity is palpable. She always had a visceral sense that she was destined for athletic legacy, and was absolutely right.


Rachel now plays for the Houston Dash and England’s national team, the Lionesses. Off the field, she’s got a calm, likeable demeanor. But when she’s sprinting across fields of green, surrounded by teammates, arch nemeses, billows of fresh air and screaming fans, Rachel transforms into a force to be reckoned with.


In her (not so) free time, you’ll find her funneling bursts of unbridled energy toward coaching and sharing her captivating story all over the world. Using raw technical and leadership skills, Rachel engages in community advocacy initiatives like that of her friend, Steph McCaffery, who founded the nonprofit organization, Hidden Gems. Through Hidden Gems, Rachel exposes young girls in lower income neighborhoods to the life of professional soccer playing and elite training development.


“The people I hope to inspire [are] the young girls, the next generation, the future of not only my sport, but other sports. Hopefully give them something to dream for and show them that I’m living my dreams and that they can chase theirs.”

Rachel Daly