United We Win is Under Armour's year-round initiative celebrating culture, heritage and diversity of athletes around the world. In honor of Women's History Month, and rooted in our belief that sports have the power to inspire, change and unite the world, we are proud to share the stories from the women of Under Armour. 

Chloe always felt destined to be a footballer. Her passion for the game started when she was just five years old. She remembers the joy she felt every time she played and how strong and powerful it made her feel. Her goal? To play for the Matildas, the Australian women's national soccer team.


But her love of football didn’t overcome the criticism and rejection she faced along the way. Coach after coach told her she wasn’t big enough, strong enough, fit enough or fast enough. She also struggled to feel accepted after she came out to her parents at age 17, and pushed friends and family away.


Over the years, these moments made her question her passion and dedication. Slowly, she began to resent a game she felt robbed her of her childhood. To play for the Matildas was her Mt. Everest – she just couldn’t see a way to the top.


So at age 19, Chloe stepped away from the game entirely. She backpacked around the world and lost herself in other cultures. She focused on anything but football.


Doing so gave her the space to learn who she was outside of the game. She returned home to Australia renewed, and resumed training with a purpose and freedom she’d never experienced before.


Now, Chloe has reignited that passionate fire she felt for football as a young girl. And she’s transferring that passion to her work with "Talk with Your Feet," a program she created to empower young women to keep playing football.


“I hope that I inspire young females to just be their best no matter what they're doing and how they're doing it,” she says. “Just put 110% effort in.”


“Being a uniter means that I get to help young female athletes find purpose and have meaning. Being a uniter to me allows me to give someone a sense of belonging.”

Chloe Logarzo