UA Harper 4 Memorial Day cleat

UA Harper 4 Memorial Day cleat


For Those Who Have Fallen

UA Baseball Debuts Memorial Day Harper 4 and UA Yard in Tribute to World War I Soldiers

The Harper 4 and UA Yard Memorial Day cleats are, in a word, dazzling. Their patterns were inspired by dazzle camo, a family of ship camouflage used extensively during World War I. Unique compared to other forms of camouflage, which aim to conceal, dazzle camo instead drew attention with patterns that made it difficult to decipher a ship’s range speed and heading.


While the cleats' outers are splashed with color, the insole design is much more somber – a visualization of the poppy flower, a universal symbol of remembrance inspired by the poem “In Flanders Field,” written by Lt. Col John McCrae. In 1918, an American teacher named Moina Belle Michael vowed in her response to “In Flanders Field” to always wear a red poppy to honor those who perished in World War I – a tradition carried on to honor the over 645,000 American service members lost in combat since WWI.


When Bryce Harper crosses over the white lines into fair territory, it will mark the debut of the new UA Harper 4 cleats on the field. These innovative cleats feature a radial wrap of smartwoven fabric around the forefoot panel and heel counter for biomechanically correct foot support, and lightweight comfort in the baseball performance zones. Unique to Harper's cleats, the Harper 4 features a TPU outsole with rubber spikes in the heel area, designed for comfort while standing in the outfield, and metal toe spikes for traction when hitting, throwing and running.


The rest of the Under Armour baseball team, led by reigning NL MVP Christian Yelich and featuring the young phenom Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and a host of other immense talents, will be lacing up in the exclusive Memorial Day colorway of the UA Yard. Unlike any cleat before it, the UA Yard is made to look and feel like a running sneaker, keeping players exceptionally comfortable well into extra innings and throughout the grueling 162-game season.