The UA Basketball sqUAd Unveils a Refurbished Court for Youth in Shanghai

Shanghai is something to behold - literally larger than life, a superpower in and of its own, a symbol of China’s emergence on the world scene. A fitting location for the final stop on the 2019 UA Basketball Asia Tour, where titans of basketball including Stephen Curry, Joel Embiid, Dennis Smith Jr. and Mo Bamba drew crowds wherever they showed up.


Showed up they did, in a massive giveback to the youth of the Yanfu Park district in Shanghai. Under Armour, the Yanfu Sports Bureau, along with Curry, Embiid, Bamba and Smith Jr., unveiled resurfaced public basketball courts at one of the earliest court locations found to date in the city. Each of the players participated in running drills with local youth after celebrating the opening with a ceremonial installation of basketball nets around the courts. Stephen threw a lob to Dennis for a monster dunk and before heading out, each player put a hand, foot and autograph in concrete as a final leave behind. Under Armour Basketball and the Yanfu Sports Bureau also announced a one-year ongoing partnership to facilitate in the upkeep of the courts.