UA RUSH 2019. Fitness Influencer Proven.

Scientifically Tested. Fitness Influencer Proven.

This April, at the world’s largest fitness trade show - FIBO - in Cologne, Germany, Under Armour launched UA RUSH. The new line of workout gear was created with mineral-infused fabrics designed to reflect energy and improve performance.


On that day, 33 of the highest performing fitness influencers from the UK, France, Germany and Russia were introduced to UA RUSH and put it to the test – a high intensity workout featuring three exercises (chin ups, press ups and burpees), all to be executed by a beep metronome. Each influencer was then challenged to go on a 10-week training journey in UA RUSH apparel.


On June 11, they travelled to London and were put through the exact same workout. The three groups of eleven athletes were collectively shown to have improved their performance by an impressive 25%.


UK fitness influencer Alex Crockford (@alexcrockford), whose 175 burpees today (compared to 70 at FIBO) massively contributed to an increase in his performance of over 60%, said of the campaign, “UA RUSH has been a joy to work out in over the past two months. I found the fabric really comfortable and us all smashing it today showed that the incredible tech in it works.” German Under Armour ambassador Imke Salander (@imkesalander) echoed Alex’s comments.


“Nothing will ever replace training and will, but apparel designed to help improve your performance also makes a difference, as we all proved today. I am honoured to represent a brand committed to making all athletes better.”  

Imke Salander, UA Athlete

During performance, the body emits heat. Created in partnership with Celliant, the responsive UA RUSH fabric absorbs that heat and converts it into infrared energy that is re-emitted back into the body. This recycled energy increases temporary localized circulation, promoting improved performance, energy and recovery. When worn, UA RUSH stimulates increased endurance and strength.


The UA RUSH collection includes men's and women's fitted tees, long-sleeved shirts, leggings and tights, and a sports bra for women. All pieces range from £42-£70 and are available for purchase at, in UA Brand Houses worldwide, and with select global retailers.