Notre Dame 150th Heritage Uniform

Channeling Greatness

Notre Dame's 150th Heritage Uniform Honors 1988 Championship Team

The 150th season of college football has mesmerized fans across the nation all season long, and no school embodies the pageantry and prestige of college football quite like the University of Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish will don specialty heritage uniforms that are a nod to the school’s rich football traditions as they take the field against Boston College on Saturday. 


Sporting the latest ArmourGrid 2.0 technology from Under Armour in throwback fashion, Notre Dame seeks to channel the greatness of the legendary 1988 National Championship sqaud – one of the most prolific college football teams in history – into another W in 2019. 


Mesh number detailing, traditional “Vegas Gold” coloring, striking black Under Armour Spotlight cleats and throwback “ND” shoulder patches are all inspired by the 1988 program. The 1988 Fighting Irish were one of the most dominant to ever play the game. Led by legendary Coach Lou Holtz, the team steamrolled 10 out of their 12 opponents by double digits and upset the #1 ranked Miami Hurricanes that season. The 2019 Notre Dame squad looks to repeat the same on-field excellence as their forebears when they toe the line of scrimmage in South Bend this weekend. 


Supplemented by detailing that pays homage to the school’s history, including gloves inspired by the campus quad and the CFB150 patch, the throwback uniforms reflect the massive impact of the Fighting Irish on the greater college football community. They are also a statement that Notre Dame will continue to do for the next generation of student-athletes, alumni and fans the world over.