UA TriBase Reign 2

UA TriBase Reign 2



Under Armour’s TriBase Reign 2 is a Jack of All Trades for Performance Athletes

Every athletic movement begins with the feet. A training shoe that can withstand high amounts of stress and tension from athletes without sacrificing power - especially in functional fitness, CrossFit and other high-intensity workouts - is crucial to performance. The Under Armour TriBase Reign debuted last year as the perfectly balanced training shoe, and now the minds at Under Armour have taken it a step further. The UA TriBase Reign 2 is a jack of all trades, delivering excellence across the board in any training situation. It’s true to foot fit and next-generation TriBase™ technology ensure power, stability and flexibility, so athletes can focus more on making the most of every rep. 




Under Armour’s design team started the process with the people that mattered most - CrossFit Games veterans James Newbury and Marquan Jones - to create a shoe that transforms what a “true to foot” fit really means. The knit component of the shoe provides a stretch fit, tight to the foot feel with extreme breathability through an engineered upper and TPU overlays for protection and stability. The UA TriBase Reign 2 heel-counter locks the heel in place keeping the foot planted, while TriBase technology in the outsole provides next-gen stability to keep your form clean from start to finish. 


“Keeping my feet planted and stable is key to driving through the ground for full power in each lift. My feet are locked in place and the Reigns gives me the confidence I need to crush each rep.”

Marquan Jones, UA Athlete and 2018 CrossFit Games participant

The shoe is low to the ground and features Micro G™ cushioning in the midsole that reinforces support and transfers power from the ground into each movement and repetition. The UA TriBase Reign 2, whether you’re hitting power cleans or rope climbs, are the shoes that are built to last and keep you going set after set, WOD after WOD. 




The UA TriBase Reign 2 is one of the most innovative training shoes on the market. Most training shoes offer either stability or flexibility, having to sacrifice one for the other. Working closely with James and Marquan, UA aimed to evolve a shoe that offered the functional fitness community more than before by providing flex in the right spots and support for even the heaviest loads.


“Flexibility in a training shoe is a must. Whether I’m going heavy in the gym, on a run, or deep in the middle of a competition, this shoe has everything and has the support to help me perform my best regardless of where I am."

James Newbury, UA Athlete and 2019 CrossFit Games participant (5th place)

As a result, the UA TriBase Reign 2 has expanded space in the forefoot for increased toe spread and flexibility in preparation for any dynamic workout. The team harnessed TriBase technology to create three zones of flexibility and torsional flex support to position the foot for more natural movement. This forefoot flex is essential for functional fitness athletes, as high-intensity workouts span the platform to the pavement. Regardless if it’s squat day, interval sprints, overhead press or a 3-mile run, the UA TriBase Reign 2 has the flexibility performance athletes need to be as versatile as their workouts.


The UA TriBase Reign 2 will be available in the U.S. and Canada on beginning December 20.


UA TriBase Reign 2 Newbury

UA TriBase Reign 2 Newbury