Flawless Fit For The Foot

Under Armour's New UA Clone Adaptive Technology Brings Auxetic Material to Footwear

Explosive. Evasive. Extreme. These are the attributes athletes need to clinch victory from the jaws of defeat. The first step in dominating the competition and outperforming opponents 100% of the time begins with just that—a step. The foot, with its 26 bones and 120 muscles and ligaments, is a complex machine responsible for performance and deserving of constant innovation to keep athletes at their best. Through auxetic research and their ability to push the boundaries of human performance, Under Armour's innovation and design teams created a cutting-edge material that provides its wearer a flawless fit; Introducing UA Clone Adaptive Technology. 


Under Armour’s Clone technology first  in heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua’s boxing boot, then expanded into the UA | VG Spacewear System. Now, Clone technology will be available to consumers around the world in 2020.


“UA Clone is the next generation of footwear technology engineered to make athletes better. Almost all athletic movements start from the feet, so our goal was to fuse athletes with their shoes and move seamlessly as one. What we got was an adaptive technology that fosters a precise foot feel and redefines what a custom fit truly means.”

Clay Dean, Chief Innovation Officer at Under Armour

Every foot is different, with its own complexities and needs for balance between function and fit. Athletes in particular struggle to find footwear that provides a tight-to-foot fit, with the added performance functions that enable speed and agility. UA Clone Adaptive Technology solves this with a material designed to conform to complex foot anatomy while reducing friction points to ensure maximum comfort. Expanding and contracting for more natural movement, UA Clone provides an identical foot feel and a custom fit for every athlete. When you sprint, jump and cut, UA Clone does too, with no friction or distractions. 


UA Clone Blur


On the gridiron, speed is the ultimate weapon. When the ball is snapped, a shoe with ballistic strength, adaptive fit and sublime comfort will break you free before your opponent realizes you’re gone. This combination can be found in the UA Blur, which pairs the UA Clone upper with CompFit sleeve maximize support for the foot, keeping it locked in place so athletes can fully leverage the ground for traction. The lightweight design of the UA Clone Blur not only supports sharp redirections and fosters superior linear speed, but also boasts an eye-catching design that will perfectly highlight that diving catch in the back of the endzone to win the game. 


UA Clone Magnetico


The same principles apply on the pitch as they do on the gridiron. Wherever you are on the field, whatever position you play, you need to be the fastest in order to win. The UA Clone Magnetico puts footballers in a position to defend the net without compromise and beat the last defender to bend the shot into the upper-90. A precision fit that achieves perfect touch when it matters most is the difference that makes champions in the 90th minute.