Under Armour and Joel Embiid Announce the UA Embiid One

Under Armour and Joel Embiid Announce the UA Embiid One



Under Armour and Joel Embiid Announce the All-Star’s First Signature Shoe

Basketball, like life, is all about overcoming unexpected challenges. For a competitor like Joel Embiid, the only way is through.


That was especially clear with the launch of Under Armour’s 2020 global brand platform, which spotlights athletes’ abilities to persevere and use their obstacles as fuel to improve their performance.  


Since teaming up together in 2018, Under Armour has supported Joel’s dedication and ability to break through, both on and off the court. Earlier today, the partners announced their latest collaboration—the UA Embiid One, Joel’s first signature shoe. 


Joel worked closely with the UA design team on the UA Embiid One, which will debut in Fall 2020.


As a kid, I never could have dreamed of being in this situation with my own signature shoe. The process has been incredible with the work that's been put in. Not a lot of guys in my profession get this opportunity and I'm truly grateful for it. I can’t wait to debut it on the court.

Joel Embiid

During the design process, Joel relayed what mattered most to him; a sneaker that could handle a versatile player capable of draining buckets from beyond the arch when they want, and posterizing the competition in the paint when they need. By studying Embiid’s shooting form and mobility on the court, the UA team engineered a positionless shoe intended to help any player—from the 5 to the 1—perform better than the jersey across from them. 


The UA Embiid One will also help fans discover more about Joel, each colorway spotlighting a critical moment or victory from Joel’s emerging career.


Early on in the design process, Joel shared that he thought his life was like a movie, and like movies, all basketball careers have origin stories. Since Joel’s story began in Cameroon, that was the creative focus of our first colorway, Origin.

Reggie Wilson, Senior Footwear Designer at Under Armour

Beginning with the UA Embiid One Origin, Under Armour will drop several colorways throughout the 2020-2021 season.