UA Breeze T SS20

UA Breeze T SS20



Under Armour Debuts UA Breeze T Built From GORE-TEX® Fibers—Our Lightest and Most Breathable Fabric Yet

For Spring 2020, Under Armour and Gore introduce GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Performance Fiber technology, redefining another performance apparel staple: the running T. Built from the same GORE-TEX® fibers used in marine ship ropes (more on that later) the GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Performance Fiber will be used exclusively in the UA Breeze running T, and hits the market as Under Armour’s lightest and most breathable fabric yet.   


No matter how far you go, or how hot and humid the climate, the UA Breeze T will keep you comfortable and cool with constant airflow and tech that dries insanely fast—so nothing can weigh you down.


This revolutionary fiber technology is a single jersey knit made with a blended polyester/ePTFE yarn—an entirely new product class for Gore, and a completely new technology to the market. The Breeze T's story starts not on the treadmill, trail, or track, but at the dock with marine ship ropes. Under Armour took the ePTFE technology that makes Gore’s marine ropes incredibly tough, yet uniquely pliable—an evolution of traditional stiff ropes—and designed a knit that’s uncharacteristically strong, flexible, quick-drying, and breathable.


Garments engineered with GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Performance Fiber technology provide athletes with superior moisture management in a light, ultra-soft, high air permeability solution. The technology in the UA Breeze T enables garments to hold on to less sweat/water and dry faster than 100% polyester garments.


Gore continues to lead the way in developing new apparel technology and entrusted Under Armour as the right brand and partner to launch this technology, as the two share a common foundation in innovation, forward-thinking and making products that provides very real and tangible benefits for a range of end uses. Here, the two are supporting runners who need a performance knit that can rub less, dry quickly, and stand up to wear and tear.


The UA Breeze T is now available in men’s and women’s long and short sleeve styles on