A New Colorway for Pi Fans

Under Armour Releases Off-Court Curry 7 PE for Stephen Curry's Birthday on Pi Day

Stephen Curry’s birthday is just a few days away on March 14, also Pi Day, the annual celebration of the mathematical constant π.


Every year, Under Armour designs a special birthday colorway of Stephen's current signature shoe to celebrate. Usually it's loud and colorful—a party shoe. This year, though, Stephen wanted something different for his big day. 


To commemorate his birthday this year, Under Armour designed a special off-court Curry 7 player exclusive (PE), the Curry 7 Pi Day PE.


“Stephen is all about ease of entry with his footwear, and a casual slip-on take of the Curry 7 for his to and from the court movements was something we knew he’d like. We had the idea while finalizing the Curry 7 and reviewing knit placements for the upper. We thought, what about a full knit collar PE? Something clean, understated for Stephen to wear off-court. We just didn’t know then that he’d like the PE so much that he’d ask us to release it!”

John Humphrey, Under Armour's Footwear Design Director

About the Curry 7 Pi Day PE 


The Curry 7 Pi Day PE is a clean yet fun design that Stephen and his fans can wear off the court. It features a sleek all-knit, laceless black upper. The limited-edition shoe has a white heel featuring both UA HOVR™ and Micro G® cushioning platforms and is separated by a flexible, black plate. The first 30 digits in Pi, 3.14159265358979323846264338327, can be found on the heel tab. 


This celebratory, limited-edition footwear will release worldwide on Stephen’s birthday, March 14, 2020 for $140 USD via UA.com, UA Brand Houses and at select retailers. Limited pairs of the Curry 7 Pi Day PE will also be available at the SC30 product wall within the Chase Center Warriors Shop at Thrive City in San Francisco.