Building A Holistic Routine With Under Armour

Building A Holistic Routine With Under Armour



UA’s Digital Fitness Ecosystem Provides the Tools Needed for Holistic Performance

Routines help build comfort and focus to create high performance habits. As the “new normal” continues to develop, many have used this period as an opportunity to reconnect with a lost routine or begin a new one. In fact, Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal has seen a 34% increase from this time last year in both new and returning users. 


By helping users achieve success and become more balanced within a unique routine, UA continues to offer a number of tools and content—on social media, the MyFitnessPal app and the MyFitnessPal blog—to live well, move smart and eat clean.


Living well begins with a healthy mindset, which starts the moment you wake up. Your eyes open. You don’t look at your phone. Instead, you start with deep belly breathing. Seek natural light, and start with positive affirmations, setting your intent for the day. Then have a mixture of room temperature water, lemon juice and himalayan pink salt to get your body moving right and prepared for the day. 


“If there is one key takeaway from creating a routine, it’s the importance of starting it right when you open your eyes,” says Paul Winsper, VP of Athlete Performance at Under Armour. “If you’re not starting your day off with the right mindset and setting intentions, your entire day will be off-balance.”


Regulating the cycle in which we live—sleep, waking, mindset, movement, eating—paves the way for complete wellness.



Sports psychologist, Dr. Michael Gervais, shares three C’s you can practice to help become more resilient in these uncertain times: Challenge, Commitment and Control

Dedicating time in your routine for movement and working up a sweat each day is a great way to get blood flow circulating. Performance products like UA RUSH and UA Recover promote  increased blood flow by just wearing the garments, and when combined with a more thoughtful and impactful workout, circulation is optimized. This is when movement becomes smarter and more intentional. It’s important to implement a variety of intensity, master the movements and keep moving.


Under Armour continues to post workouts on the @MyFitnessPal and @UnderArmour Instagram channels, led by a variety of fitness instructors and UA athletes, like CrossFitters James Newbury and Marquan Jones, and heptathlete Georgia Ellenwood.


Food is fuel; every meal is an opportunity to nourish the body and spirit. Planning high-quality, nutrient-rich, balanced meals for regular times throughout the day will set the tone for how your body and mind perform. 



Dr. Marc Bubbs, a performance nutritionist, discusses a hot topic we’re all faced with during times of staying home: snacking

MyFitnessPal is home to more than 350 original recipes from high-protein, low carb meals, to pantry staples, gluten-free and more to help guide clean eating and simplify this part of your routine. For a limited time, MyFitnessPal is offering three months of Premium access for new users, using code MFPHealthy2020.*


As we readjust to these evolving times, routines can help build consistency and organization and refocus on overall health and wellness. To find more tips on how to live well, move smart and eat clean, check out the MyFitnessPal blog.


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