Finding Strength Together

Through Community, Competition, and Confidence

At Under Armour, our mission has been—and always will be—to make you better, through any circumstance or challenge. While life and sport may not return to “normal” for a while, we will rise to the occasion through community, competition, and confidence. 



Community: The Köhler Effect


The search for community is ingrained in our DNA. It’s what helps us thrive. But community isn’t just hand-holding and trust falls. It’s also finding a crew of women who not only lift you up but push you forward. The power of community is proven by the Köhler Effect, a scientific phenomenon that occurs when a person works harder and experiences an increase in motivation when working as a member of a group. 


Under Armour decided to put this theory to the test by bringing nine women together for a training competition, and found that each of the women pushed harder, went further, and even broke personal records while operating as a member of the group. But what happens when you can’t be together anymore to motivate others and be motivated? 


Weeks after capturing this competition, COVID-19 changed the sports landscape. As seasons were cancelled and fitness studios were closed, virtual workouts began to emerge as the future of fitness. Under Armour adapted quickly and reignited that connection through the brand’s Connected Fitness apps, digital communities and social platforms, proving the Köhler Effect still works even when you’re apart.


“Movement is my medicine and my community of women are my motivation. Even while we are apart and virtually working out together, the energy is high, the competition is fierce and the workouts are intense. No matter where we are, we get after it!”

Alex Aust, Professional Lacrosse Player

Competition: The Better Together MyFitnessPal Challenge 


While community fuels the Köhler Effect, it’s competition that makes you work harder, stay motivated and level up. Too often, women are made to feel bad about competing with each other. But at Under Armour, we believe competition isn’t something to shy away from. It’s something we need to lean into. 


To help shift the narrative around competition and tap into the power you find by being around others, Under Armour created the MyFitnessPal "Better Together" Challenge.  Participants can join the challenge from July 15 to August 15, 2020, to work towards a personal goal of logging 12 workouts in 30 days, contributing to the larger community goal of 3 million logged workouts.


Join the Better Together Challenge by signing up here (accessible via mobile).


Confidence: The UA Infinity Bra


To be a great competitor, you need focus. To be focused, you need great gear. Queue the brand’s most innovative sports bra to-date: The UA Infinity Bra. First launched in early 2020, the UA Infinity Bra is the result of applied science, rigorous testing, and insights from breast health expert Dr. Joanna Scurr. 


“As a woman, I have so much to think about! When I’m working out, I just want to show up, feel supported and not have to worry about what's going on with my sports bra. The UA Infinity Bra is killing the game—it allows me to put all my focus on training when I’m at the gym, in the studio or on the bike.”

Katie Willcox, Entrepreneur

The UA Infinity Bra is built to work with the natural movement of a women’s body instead of fighting against it, as traditional sports bras often do. This creates a more natural fit, a lighter feel and a completely streamlined support that finally lets women push as hard as they want without having to worry about the pain and distraction of unchecked movement. The UA Infinity Bra has been proven to reduce up and down movement by 68%, back and forth movement by 60%, and side to side movement by 80%.


With all eight new colorways available July 1 on UA.com, in Under Armour brand houses and at select retailers, grab the gear you need to compete in the Better Together Challenge. Capture and post a video of you working out in your new UA Infinity Bra to your Instagram and, in your caption, speak to how you’re motivated by your virtual squad and encourage your community to participate in the Better Together Challenge.