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UA celebrates the work and words of LGBTQ+ Teammate Resource Group, UNIFIED, with a new Pride collection, supporting the Pride Center of Maryland.

No matter who you love, what your pronouns are, how you look, where you’re from, or what sport you play — we stand behind all athletes, no exceptions.

In line with our value of ‘Stand for Equality,’ we firmly believe that Under Armour is strongest when our team of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, feels a sense of belonging. Only then can we all do our best work.

That’s why this 2021 Pride collection was created, designed and conceived by our LGBTQ+ Teammate Resource Group, UNIFIED. Pride should always be centered around the community that it represents.


Hear from Under Armour teammates and Chief Product Officer and UNIFIED Executive Sponsor Lisa Collier on what the collection means to them.

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UNIFIED, UA's LGBTQ+ Teammate Resource Group (TRG), has always been about more than just Pride parades. UNIFIED’s mission is focused on creating a safe, accepting, authentic, and inclusive workplace for the LGBTQ+ community. We want all teammates to feel welcomed, valued, and empowered, as we work for our brand whose values include ‘Love all Athletes’ and ‘Stand for Equality.’    

"We're queer year-round" was one of the rallying cries that came from a TRG-wide survey and it is something we have taken to heart in everything we do – from planning the annual Pride collection, to our events and activations throughout the year. Just like our identities, our Pride collection isn't meant to be just worn in June and then relegated to back to the closet. It has always been important to us that the collection reflects not just our rainbow colors, but our status as athletes. Like every product we create here, the Pride collection features run and train performance technology, which is just as “at home” at parades as it is in the gym. Because we are athletes and queer/allies year-round, we wanted to ensure products can be worn and repped everywhere we are.   

This year’s Pride collection takes it back to the original Pride march in 1970 and through the evolution of parades as we now know them. While the types of celebrations of love have evolved, one thing remains constant at the heart of it all – the march posters and DIY signage sharing each individual’s message. After what was such a hard and tragic year for so many people for a multitude of reasons, UNIFIED’s goal was to honor those DIY signs and messages of art, love, and celebration to inspire our community and make all athletes better. 

The connection to the LGBTQ+ community through the DIY signs this year is also a reflection of our purpose: "We empower those who strive more." Through the Pride collection, UNIFIED has been able to support non-profits that give back to the LGBTQ+ community. We are incredibly honored to have the opportunity to partner with the Pride Center of Maryland this year and are looking forward to continuing the partnership as we get closer to a place where we can do more of this in person.

For UNIFIED (and Under Armour), investment in the community is so important, and something we are proud of – but it is more than that. The impact our members have through dedicating their time, blood, sweat and tears to the communities where we live and work is what truly drives us. It has been important to us to not only contribute through our Pride collection, but to also show up in and for our communities, something we are excited to do more of as in-person restrictions ease.  



Those closest to the collection, in their own words.

Lisa Collier

Chief Product Officer & UNIFIED Executive Sponsor

"We want all athletes to know that at Under Armour, we ‘Stand for Equality.’ We’re leveling the playing field. We’re celebrating people’s differences. And we’re here to make our athletes better – through our product, services, and through our vocal support.

It’s important that we love our athletes – all of them. It’s been a tough year. There’s been a significant mental health effect on the world through this pandemic; especially in the LGBTQ+ community. So, we’re especially proud of the partnerships we’ve built this year, supporting more local LGBTQ+ organizations that have been greatly impacted by the financial effects of this past year. With our help in building The Pride Center of Maryland’s new wellness studio and digital lounge, we’re supporting young athletes in the community.  

Pride is all about driving courage and standing up together. And the 2021 Pride collection provides a platform for our LGBTQ+ community to have a voice, to be considered and have a positive vision towards the future. So, we brought the voices of our LGBTQ+ Teammate Resource Group, UNIFIED, to the forefront of our product line — and it shows. This collection stirs up energy. It brings smiles to peoples’ faces. My wish is that we could show the love that we all have for the rainbow in the way we show love and support for the people under it." - Lisa Collier

Zana Patterson

Lead, Store Planning Business Services & UNIFIED Co-Chair

"Pride is a time to realize that you're not alone — where we can just be free to celebrate, to party, and to live in our truth with so much joy. To know that you belong no matter who you are. I want our team to continue to echo to people that you're enough, you belong, you're important and you're valuable. And I'm glad that Under Armour chose to lead the conversation in Pride representation this way, by making sure that it's being led by the community. We at UNIFIED feel empowered because we were allowed to lead the conversation.

When this Pride collection launches, whether you're in the community or an ally of the community, we are going to be wearing these clothes proudly. We're going to be part of something bigger than ourselves. You're valuable. You are not alone, even though it's been a lonely year. All people should be able to live their truth and be loved. We're not just queer people one month out of the year. So, don't paint the walls white to cover up all the rainbows at the end of June. We need to continue to remind people that they belong, that they are perfectly imperfect, just the way they are." - Zana Patterson

Jason Constantino

Director, Business Planning, Strategy, & Operations, The Americas & UNIFIED Culture Lead

"The message I want everyone to hear is that LGBTQ+ athletes are athletes, too. I want to make it clear that we, the LGBTQ+ community and every member of it, has every right to be on the playing field, in the gym, on the court; just like everyone else, despite the efforts of some who are trying to prevent this.

I want the Under Armour Pride 2021 collection to communicate solidarity - solidarity in that we stand with our athletes. We Stand for Equality in sports and our society. I cannot wait to get all dolled up again in my rainbow outfits, with my rainbow cape, in my Under Armour gear, and walk side-by-side with our teammates in a Pride parade, holding my husband’s hand.  

I think that this Pride collection is an opportunity to help those that are underrepresented be louder, to show up as their authentic selves at work or on the field. Because it just makes the work better. I think about companies like Under Armour that have so much influence in the world, and the fact that we can wear a rainbow shirt with a message that says "love all athletes" is powerful. Getting that message out there makes me so happy and so proud to be working at Under Armour. It's not just clothing. It's Under Armour supporting our athletes." - Jason Constantino

Brandon Wilson

Sr. CSR Leader & UNIFIED Member

"Pride is very celebratory, but it's a lot deeper than just a rainbow flag or a symbol of that nature. It's about overcoming dark times and celebrating resilience and perseverance. 

Now that I'm in a celebratory place in my life and part of a company that celebrates that, I feel awesome. I feel welcomed and wanted. I wouldn't want to be any other place that didn't celebrate me or us, the community as a whole, or just athletes in general. Here at Under Armour, we stand for equality for all athletes. So, the primary message that I want to get out with this 2021 Pride collection is the importance of unity. I wanted to get across a celebration of equality for all of our athletes.  

Athletes perform at their peak when they know that they are in a place where they're celebrated. Regardless of race, religion, creed, gender identity, or gender expression, if an athlete works hard, then they should be welcomed in all spaces for athletes. So, I want to tell the world that you matter. You are important. At even the darkest of times, you'll be able to celebrate underneath the rainbow. You'll persevere, but you have to believe it. You'll be able to bask in the sunlight once the storm is over." - Brandon Wilson

Joanna Hale

Lead, Supply Planning & UNIFIED Member

"To me, Pride means that you are free to be who you are and live your truths, without fear or oppression or anything getting you down. Pride is the freedom to be who you are, to be out, to be proud, and to show love to yourself and your community. I want to capture the same feeling that I had the first time I walked in a Pride parade. It was an amazing experience, and it was something I had never felt before. 

We need to continue communicating that we stand for equality, and as teammates — and as a brand — living that. Because athletes can come from anywhere; any creed, or color, or culture. An athlete is an athlete, and we need to celebrate that. I've learned here at Under Armour that I can be me. I can't even explain just how incredible it is to be part of this Pride collection, to be part of this brand. I am so proud to be an athlete of Under Armour — to stand behind and be represented by a company that cares — a company that stands for equality. This collection is a representation of Under Armour living our values. 

The first thing I did when I got my poster board markers was put in really big letters, "United We Win." But then I thought, "What does ‘United’ look like in 2021?" I feel like the only way we can achieve equity and equality in this world is if we are, "Unified". That's a great word. ‘Unified’ because Pride is something that we're all united in and ‘United We Win.’" - Joanna Hale

Heather Samariniotis

Lead, Talent Development, Retail Training & UNIFIED Member

"Pride is about knowing who you are, loving who you are, being authentic to who you are, and feeling like you have space and a place to do so; that you have others who love you for who you are, are proud of who you are and who support you no matter what. 

At Under Armour, we see you, we value you, and we are working to create a more inclusive space for all athletes. Because sports have such great power. I think this Pride collection speaks to our values as a company. When we create a line, we have teammates inspire and contribute to that line. Our teammates, our community, are important. 

It feels amazing to be part of something bigger than my individual experience at the company. This collection in particular – with the emphasis on the DIY element, inspired by individuals coming together to make a difference, and partnering with the Pride Center of Maryland – really embodies the importance of coming together to create spaces of love, support and accessibility for everyone. Because we all spend a lot of our time at work, and it’s so much better when the place that you work at actually values you for who you are. I love the brand, and I've given a lot to the brand. This Pride collection shows that the brand loves me back, that it loves us, and is giving back to us in that way." - Heather Samariniotis



This year’s collection supports The Pride Center of Maryland and their new wellness studio and digital lounge. The creation of this studio will provide a gym and safe space for LGBTQ+ Baltimore residents — where members of the community can feel a sense of belonging. The Pride Center of Maryland advocates for a better quality of life for the entire LGBTQ+ community, and their long-term vision is that Maryland will become the best place for sexual and gender minorities to live, work and play.

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Designed by members of the LGBTQ+ community for members and allies of the community, the Under Armour 2021 Pride collection is grounded in the authenticity of its purpose. Show your support for The Pride Center of Maryland, and be both physically and socially active. United We Win.

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